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Sheep Dog’s Corner - Nov 20

November 20, 2016

Praise the Lord! The Mission: Isaiah 42:1

The Servant, the Chosen Elect, the Messiah, was sent to the entire nation of Israel and to the world.

The Lord Jesus, upheld and chosen by God (Luke 9:35) (1 Peter 1:20), and endued with the Holy Spirit (Matthew 3:16). The Lord Jesus Christ– He will bring forth justice to the Gentiles. The Servant of the Lord is not a rabble-rouser; He will not crush sincere people, and He will not fail nor discourage people. The Servant of the Lord has a quiet and submissive demeanor (Matthew 11:28). The Servant will bring forth comfort and encouragement to the weak and oppressed. He will tenderly feed and lead His flock (Psalm 23:1), and He will also impart wisdom to the spiritual believer. The Creator who stretched out the heavens, spread forth the earth, and gave breath to the people, came to open the blind eyes and brought out the prisoners. And to them, that sat in Darkness out of the prison house: He is the Lord– that is His name.

The Servant came to release us from the bondage of sin and give us freedom and liberty. He is the good news; He is the life and the light, and a future Kingdom with Him, now and forever more. Let us sing unto the Lord a new song; let us give Him praise, for He is worthy to be praised. He is our Lord.

Don’t forget to repent.

Love you.

Pastor William Chancy

Sheep Dog’s Corner - Nov 13

November 13, 2016

The elections are finally over, Praise God.

Christians and citizens are to submit to the Government.

God institutes human governments. (Roman 13:1)

Rulers are God’s servants, even if the rulers are the persons running for ruler ship, and weather they are believers or not, they are still God’s men or women officially. Even if they are dictators and tyrants, their rule is better than no rule at all. The complete absence of rule is anarchy, and no society can continue under anarchy.

Our country needs laws, and we need people to enforce these laws, and as believers were not to call people out of their name, or say they are going to hell, we don’t know, we are also not to provoke each other if we don’t agree on our choice’s for ruler –ship, in other word’s on who you believe God has lead you to vote for, vote, again God is in charge.

We follow our rulers while they hold office; we obey the laws they set forth, of course there are exceptions, if a human government orders a believer to act contrary to the word of God, then believers must disobey the government. Acts 5:29; we have a higher responsibility to God rather than man. Romans 13, our government is not perfect, the only ideal government is through Jesus Christ, amen. We as Christians must never disobey or rebel against the government if you do; you must realize your rebelling against God. Rulers are expected to promote the good of the people, our security, tranquility and our general welfare.

Our country has a new ruler, so the church needs to wake up and pray even more than ever before, pray for God to lead our next congress, and that our congress will listen to God.

Don’t forget to repent.

Love you.

Pastor William Chancy

Sheep Dog’s Corner - Nov 06

November 06, 2016

Praise the Lord To All

This week on November 8th, we the people of this country are given the right to vote for the candidate of our choice. We have two parties, and both parties believe that they are the right candidates for the task at hand. We face many problems as a nation. Both parties disagree and fight for their position to hold the highest office in the land. There may also be others with “higher powers” that have the influence to choose who they prefer to be our next president. But, we the people will still suffer even after we vote for the person we believe to be the best to guide our country.

In the book of 1 Samuel 8:5-6, the people wanted a King of their choosing. They did not want to wait on the Lord for the right person. They wanted someone to go out before them to fight their battles (1 Samuel 8:20); they wanted the right person to be the King. Even when Samuel warned them that the person they wanted to judge them might not be the right person, they insisted even more to pick someone instead of praying to God.

Today, we face division of who will be our next President. It is important to pray to the Father for a good leader. But I believe that the church has failed to do so, for it seems that we vote for whomever our party wants, instead of praying. Thank God that He is still in
control. The bible says, “The King’s heart is in the hand of the Lord, as the
River of water: he turneth it whithersover he will.”
No matter who gets elected as President, we must have faith in God. Go Vote.

Don’t forget to repent.

Love you.

Pastor William Chancy

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