Grace has a fantastic, spiritual worship time in the Lord, all are welcome to join us every Sunday at 1:00, come and be blessed.

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Latest Announcements

Announcements 05-08-2016

  • Happy Mother’s Day
  • The church deacons have prepared dinner today after service, for all mothers and others, thank you men of God.
  • Emergency food pantry giveaway in the month of April was 849 households, including 82 households for seniors.
  • Thank you volunteers who served lunch at the R.J. Montgomery homeless shelter Saturday the 7th.
  • Bible study, every Wednesday night at 6:00, thank you evangelist Rose for filling in for 2weeks.
  • Deacon meeting, coming this Saturday May 14th at 2:00pm, in the Sherman moor room
  • Evangelism class, on Saturday May 28th will be held here at the church, at 3:00, all interested see Pastor Bill...
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***KWHS Channel 51 TV set to air God's Grace: Stories of Transformation***
  • Wednesday, May 11th: Pantry Closed. Our food pantry will be closed on May 11th and will reopen on Wednesday, May 18th at 1:00p. Thank you.
  • Saturday, May 28th: Evangelism Class. We will be having our first of the year evangelism class at the R.J. Home- less Shelter. We will focus on prayer for our community.
  • Monday, May 30th we celebrate Memorial Day, how many are interested in having a picnic at a park? Raise your hands.
  • July 23rd through July 29, 2016: 2nd Annual Fresh Fire Conference and Revival
 Grace Be Unto You Church and E.A.G.L.E. Ministries, Inc.
  • Also, please visit and “like” New Walk Provisions, helps men and women with re-entry from prison with help, support, advice, guidance & assistance. www.facebook.com/NewWalkProvisions
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Blessed Is The Nation

In the book of Psalms 33:1-22

The Lord provides and delivers.

God looks upon all of the inhabitants of the earth. He knows all about mankind. He is the Creator.

When a nation recognizes His Greatness, and seeks to call upon Him as their Lord, that nation will be blessed. America is a nation under God. America is a nation that understands the importance for higher education for our youth of all cultures. America understands the importance of all men and women to be well equipped for the job market, no matter what culture or background they come from. America knows that when families pray together, God Almighty is in their midst to lead and guide them. America knows we also have senior citizens needing more health care, veterans needing more concern about their welfare and more care. We have the poor and homeless needing more care in all cultures and we have people running for office who must learn to put God first in all of their policies.

America, we have dreams and goals, this is the land of the free, the home of the brave.  But we will never be able to reach higher goals unless we learn to repent and seek The Lord Jesus Christ who is our Lord. He is our help and our shield from any outside attacks, on this earth, as well in outer space. Let the earth fear the Lord and let the people of the world stand in awe of Him.

America let the mercy of our Lord be upon us accordingly, as we hope in Him.

Service Schedule

Service Date Time
Worship Service Every Sunday 12:40pm - 2:00pm
Youth Service and Nursery Every Sunday 1:00pm
Bible Study - Men & Women at Shelter Every Monday 7:30pm
Bible Service - Springs Rescue Mission 4th Monday 5pm
Bible Study CMRC Correctional Facility Pastor Bill Wednesday 6:30pm
Bible Study - Pastor William Chancy Wednesday Noon
Food Pantry & Clothes Give Away Every Wednesday 1pm - 3pm
Serve Lunch at R.J. Montgomery Shelter 1st & 4th Saturday Noon (12pm)
Worship on the Sabbath Every Saturday 10:00am
Men's Prison Service at Correctional Facility (CMRC) Every Sunday 9:00am
Bible Study (English & Spanish) Every Wednesday 6:00pm


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Job 22:28

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